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Alesha M. Garvin

My Short Testimony: How God made me a Playmaker in the Faith

To live a life of active faith that is obedience.

I grew up in home that for all appearances sake looked like the perfect upbringing. I had a mom and a dad in the home, both educated and  they both grew up learning about God in the church and in the home. My sister and I went to a Christian school, were involved in sports, were basketball fanatics, and I honed in on my talent of writing and my love for reading. We lived in a two story home, with a fence, and a [big] dog. I learned to read the Bible around the age of 6 and began hearing the voice of God soon after.


For all appearances' sake, we were perfect.

The appearances of perfection faded behind our closed doors and gave way to fear and terror. My dad suffered from severe depression, trauma of abandonment, and other traumatic events in his life that led him to self medicate with illegal substances. In the 1980's, we did not acknowledge mental health as we do today. We simply didn't know much about it in my community. Drugs would cause my dad to succumb to fits of rage, usually aimed at my mother in explosive physical abuse, and verbal abuse toward my sister and I. My dad's six-figure salary went to drugs and we were always in financial trouble. Grannie saved the day most times by financially keeping us in the comforts that allowed us to keep up pretenses.

If it was not for the Lord's had on my life, his voice in my ear, and his plan for me, I would not be a Playmaker: fulling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by being a disciple that makes disciples.


To read my full testimony of how God worked in my life and my dad's life, click the "My Story" button below.

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