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Journey into Relationship with God Through His Son Jesus Christ in Joyful Obedience

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Hi, I'm Alesha!
Shalom in Jesus, my Friends.  

Thank you for visiting my site! I am a wife and mother of 3 young children; but more over, I am the daughter of the Most High God. I majored in Biblical Literature with an emphasis on the New Testament and I am currently a seminary student, half way through my M.Div degree. My passion is the history and theology of Jesus Christ, Second Temple and early Christianity. God has placed a love for teaching and helping people not only discover Jesus through God's Word, but also helping His children enter in relationship with Him through joyful obedience. I hope to help us all become "Playmakers in the Faith" by being disciples who make disciples.

I enjoy reading, writing, teaching, and churching. I love my family, basketball, and peanut butter cookies. I hope my blogs and website overall blesses you and is pleasing to our Lord.


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