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Dream a "Little" Dream

Pastor Jim had been preaching a sermon series on Dreams, focusing this on the story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-50. The begging questions posited in his series are “What is your dream” and “How does it serve God by serving others?” During the sermon, he read an excerpt from Dr. Bruce Wilkinson’s Dream Giver. I felt a familiar nudge to buy that book. Initially, I thought to simply write down the title and buy it another time. After all, as a seminary student, I read multiple books per class and one more book might tip the scales (not to mention annoy my long-suffering husband with yet another book purchase. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a bibliophile. Okay, maybe a bibliomaniac!). But the Spirit of the Lord must be obeyed, and sometimes sacrifices (like, free time) must be made to do so. After Pastor Jim finished reading that excerpt, I immediately bought the book which took about 30 seconds (thanks, Amazon!).

During Pastor Jim’s sermon over the last few weeks, I was deeply encouraged and motivated to find out what my Dream was and serve others with that Dream. “Lord, how might I serve you with my Dream?” I said in my heart anxiously. Then, I thought, “Wait! Lord, what is my Dream?”

It was time during church service for prayer at the altar. I was all too eager to rush to that altar and get in the Lord’s ear. After I prayed for the church, the leadership, and my family, I turned my attention on this Dream that I am supposed to have. “Lord,” I began, “Can you visit me tonight and talk to me about my Dream? What Dream have you given me and how may I serve your people with it? I look forward to our chat.” The Lord usually wakes me up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to answer my questions that usually result in a great conversation. It’s my absolute favorite thing: waiting expectantly for God to show up.

That night, I set out my usual pen and paper on my nightstand, prepared to be awakened for my meeting with the Lord. I would have to take good notes, after all! But when my alarm went off the next morning, I was overwhelmed with disappointment that God didn’t show up. He never misses an appointment! I asked the Lord what happened, but my ear was met with silence. “That’s ok, Lord,” I lied, “I’m not salty. I’m ok. You’ll communicate with me in another way, I guess.” The words that spilled from my lips seemed enduring, but the disappointment behind my words were unmasked before an All-Knowing God. Still, his mercy prevails.

When I got home after work, Dream Giver was waiting in its Amazon package on my porch. I ripped the package open but didn’t read it right away. I had a husband and children to attend to, dinner to cook, books to read and a paper to write, Scripture to read, and baths to give. My nights are typically full. After the kids went to bed, I curled up in my bed and opened Dream Giver. I admit, I was still a bit salty because God hadn’t told me about my Dream. However, at the end of the first chapter of Dream Giver, I began to weep, and I mean an ugly cry. I realized that God didn’t need to show up and tell me the same thing he told me in 2017 (5 years ago!). I was already pursuing my Dream! I’ve encountered Border Bullies, fought against the comfort of Familiar, and been in the WasteLand a few times (for more info on what these are, give The DreamGiver a read). At a time when I was questioning “what is all this for?” God revealed, “This is your Dream. You’re pursuing it, you will accomplish it, and you will serve my people with it.” Talk about a comforting, exciting, rejuvenating, wonderful wake-up call!

Within this week, I have confronted the Fear that was causing me to cap, or limit, my Dream. When the Lord affirmed my Dream in 2017, I asked him, “How far should I go?” He replied, “As far as I take you.” On February 7, 2022, the Lord reminded me of his reply and revealed that I was capping my Dream due to fear: “I can only go this far because further would be prideful,” was my rationalization [excuse] for going only so far. It seemed like I was choosing humility, but really, I was choosing cowardice. I was disguising laziness with holiness. God requires all of me and every effort, so that I may serve God and his people to the fullest of my capability while taping into his ability.

I’m sorry, Lord, for limiting what you want to do in my life so that I may stay in a new Comfort Zone.

I didn’t recognize my Dream because I was looking at it through worldly eyes. It wasn’t glittery enough or showy enough. It didn’t cause people to say “Ooooo!” and “Ahhhh!” like dreams usually do in movies, television, or in books. But when I was reminded of my Dream – the Dream God has given me – he allowed me to see my Dream through his eyes and from his perspective. It is shiny to him. It glitters to him. He is pleased and he loves it. He says “Ooooo!” and “Ahhhh!” to my Dream. The Dream Giver is Whom I aim to please, not the world. My Dream is meant for me to do Great Things for his glory, not for my glory or anyone else’s.

Thank you, God, for putting me in check and reminding me lovingly what is important.

I continue to push toward what God has for me – pursuing my God-Given Dream. My Dream has a name. It serves a purpose. Moreover, it has God’s stamp of approval and with his help and through his strength, I am off Familiar Grounds and enduring the trials of this journey; learning to count it all joy (James 1:2).

God has called us Nobodies to be Somebodies. What is your God-given dream? How might you serve God and his people through your Dream? Inquire of the Lord and pursue it while keeping your eyes on Christ.

Excerpt from The Dream Giver (page 20, emphasis added):


The Dream Giver gave me a Big Dream before I was even born! I just finally woke up to it!

· My Dream is what I do best and what I most love to do! How could I have missed it for so long?

· I had to sacrifice and make big changes to pursue my Dream. But it will be worth it.

· It makes me sad to think that so many Nobodies are missing something so Big.

Further Reading:

Genesis 37-50

1 Peter 1

James 1

Wilkinson, Bruce. The Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny. New York:

Multnomah, 2003.

February 12, 2022

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